We at Fort Massey by-the-sea are a diverse group of people. What we have in common is that we choose to go to church in the city, in a powerful building, and to experience United Church worship in the context of this diversity.

We enjoy thinking outside the box, exploring innovative liturgy, progressive ideas and topical issues. We work hard at having a multicultural flavour to the service from time to time, singing in French, Chinese, Zulu (South African) or Welsh.

Above all else, we are an inclusive church. This means that all are welcome to attend, and that all are welcome to receive communion no matter what church or faith (if any) they are from. Different opinions and varying faith journeys are the strength of our church.

Some choose to come regularly to our church. Others come occasionally, and still others don't attend yet see themselves as friends of Fort Massey. Still others experience us virtually online all around the world. This may be because they love the building, appreciate its presence in the city or want to support the ministry of Fort Massey.